SEA GREENS are organic naturally harvested algae sheets. Available as compressed green algae, red harvested algae and kelp. Sea Greens are a unique and completely natural way to feed herbivorous fish and inverts. Aqua-Tech Co. has selectively sourced supplies to avoid human detrimental activities in the sea. Sea Greens can be purchased as compressed algae only, 39g 59g pouches of mixed algae or Kelp only. Visit your independent dealer today for the best natural algae's by Aqua-Tech Co.

  • Variety packs to determine you fishes favorite
  • Naturally occurring organic algae's
  • High in proteins and micronutrients
  • Sold in barrier pouches protected from U.V. light
  • Fun to watch animals chomp them down!


Macroalgaes are an important source of micro-nutrients and fiber for many fish and inverts. Rubberband or clip Sea Greens to rocks and watch the nutrition perform!

Less Algae
Other than the comperession of our algae sheets and cutting, Sea Greens is a non processed food.

Who do I feed these to?
Most ocean fish are omnivorous and consume both meat and algaes. Sea Greens is ideal for all herbivorous fish, Blue Throught Triggerfish, Shrimp and crabs.

Aqua-Tech Co. has sourced the highest quality macro algaes to bring the end user a positive experience through robust fish health, colo and activity.


Phyto2, is a pure species of plankton suspended in purified seawater. To appreciate it's value we must understand how microalgae compete in nature. When cells encounter other species of Phytoplankton, they react by releasing compounds to kill the other species in turn killing itself. When concentrated and combined, different species of Phytoplankton compete and at some point poison the bottle.

Not Freeze Dried

Freeze dried and other preserved products are dead Phytoplankton. This means if they are not ingested immediately after dosing to the aquarium they will decompose liberating organics like phosphate and nitrogen, essentially polluting your prized aquarium. Live Phytoplankton stays alive until consumed and actually cleans your water through Photosynthesis.

Scientific Harvest Technology

Phyto2 is cultured in sterile nutrient rich seawater. It is grown out to the point where it is at its highest nutritional value and the seawater contains the least amount of nutrients. As such our harvest is already a "clean" Phytoplankton. Next the cells are carefully separated and condensed to be packaged for your aquarium. No fertilizers. Consistent densities.

A reef essential

n a closed system, such as a home aquarium, food sources are limited to what is added to the tank. Considering the needs of the various life kept in the system, a regular source of food must be added to mimic the constant availability of food in the ocean. Phyto2 fulfills that need, completing the natural nutrient cycle of the sea.