» Aqua-Tech Co. outreach

As a family owned business Aqua-Tech Co. understands that a businesses success is directly related to the good it does for both it's customers as well as its community. Aqua-Tech Co. supports local, national and international Not-For-Profit organizations, educational programs, independant aquarists and envirnmental causes.


Aqua-Tech Co. and it's leaders feel education and exposure are among the most important resposibility of an aquatic-centric company. Aqua-Tech hosts touch tank educational programs several times per year at local schools. Thus bringing the love of the sea and aquatic animals direct to the next generation.

In addition Aqua-Tech Co. sponsors similar programs at events nationwide to broaden that exposure. Our children will only protect what they love.

More education

Aqua-Tech Co. sponsors several high school and college level students each year. These sponsorships enable students to attend special event's, industry and educational seminars around the country. Aloowing those interested in persuing an aquatic career access to information and exposure they would not otherwise have access to.

Even more education

Each summer Aqua-Tech Co. offers a paid internship program whereby college level students work in our facilities directly with cultures and production processes. This offer student a glimps into the day to day of aquatic careers and affords them real world experience for their resumes. We are proud to report that after two years the program has now expanded to two participants each summer!

Product donation

Aqua-Tech Co. Donated over $10,000.00 in product to educational, hobby and not-for-profit organizations in the last year. We support public aquarium events and school programs with the products that aquarists use to keep exhibits.

Clubs and hobbyist groups

Aqua-Tech Co. Continues to contribute product and monetary donations to clubs, event and hobby organizations and support the independant hobbyist every day.