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Aqua-Tech Co. prides itself not only on creating the highest quality products, but we diligently try to maintain an audience of informed consumers. We realize an educated aquarist is our greatest asset. Below are some of the most common questions related to our products. If you do not find your question please feel free to drop us a line through our contact form. As always thank you for your interest in the Aqua-Tech Co. family of products.

What is the shelf life of your products ?

All perishable Aqua-Tech products are labeled with a Lot number and born on date. The date is represented by four digits (00/00). These represent month and year of the item's production. Phyto2 family products have a 120 to 160 day shelf life, provided they are refrigerated and shaken on a regular basis. Phyto2 does not necessarily "spoil" after that time, the cells will just begin to lose nutritional value. AZOX has a six month shelf life and should be disposed of after that time. Please remember to recycle the bottles of all your products.

How can I tell if my product has spoiled ?

Phyto2 will smell sour and sulphurous and the cells will clump into large chunks and masses (.125" or larger) on the bottom of the bottle. AZOX will show no difference and should be disposed of after thirteen months if kept refrigerated. S.E.L.C.O. BOOST will have an indefinite shelf life if kept refrigerated. If any product is left out, it will not have expired unless kept in a hot location for more than 72 hours.

How much Phyto2 Phytoplankton should I feed my system ?

It is actually very difficult to overdose LIVE Phytoplankton. The factors affecting dosage of Live Phytoplankton are dependent on how many filter feeding specimens you have in your captive aquatic ecosystem. A general rule to start with is to add 5-15ml for each 25 gallons of aquarium water, three times per week. Then monitor your copepod and amphipod populations. Increase the dosage until you see an increase in the number of "pods" inhabiting your reef aquarium.

When is the best time to dose your products ?

We have tested our lab systems extensively and compiled feedback that includes customer feedback. The ideal time to dose live phytoplankton is in the evening when lights are dimming and coral polyps are beginning to enter a feeding cycle. This is also the ideal time to feed AZOX to coral. AZOX has also shown itself to be a significantly attractive food to planktivorous fish such as Anthias sp. and Mandarin fish. These should ideally be fed when the aquarium lights are on.

How do I dose your live phytoplankton ?

It is absolutely fine to dose the different Phyto2 species into your aquarium together. They can only not be stored together. The cells will dilute sufficiently so that they will not interact aggressively in the home reef aquarium. Another method is by using plankton reactors from companies like Aqua-Medic.

How should I dose ZOO2 ?

ZOO2 species of copepods were designed to be added to refugia as a starter culture to add biodiversity to a reef aquarium. The entire contents of the jar should be poured into the refugium area with the culture water. Tigriopus sp. are large enough to be target fed to coral and fish.

Can I eat your products ?

Yes. We hear this quite a bit. While our products are produced in axenic laboratory conditions, and are not toxic, they are not intended to be sold or marketed for human consumption. Our phytoplankton products are used by other manufacturer third parties in the production of supplements due to their extremely high antioxidant capabilities. These companies are inspected by the applicable government authorities and maintain their own protocols related to their products.

Which of your phytoplankton species are the best ?

There is no best species. Different species of phytoplankton are more easily consumed and digested by different forms of sea life. It is best to give your captive reef a broad variety of feeding options. This increases the biodiversity, more closely mirroring natural seas and reefs.

How do I buy your products ?

Our products are sold through quality aquarium dealers around the world. Click our dealer locator or ask your local aquarium to carry them. Aquarists are encouraged to complete our dealer referral form to earn free products by clicking here.

Why can't I see the copepods in your ZOO2 products ?

Copepods in general are a very small life form. The best way to see them is to stand the ZOO2 jar on its side, allow the water inside to settle and then examine with a magnifying tool such as the ReefBrite Coral Viewer.

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