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Aqua-Tech Co. Launched AZOX Coral Macro Diet 6/12

Aqua-Tech Co. has released its new AZOX Macro Diet coral food. The maker of Phyto2 is extending its product line from live only to preserved plankton, addressing the dietary needs of both photosynthetic and non-photosynthetic corals. We do not have the full rundown of the ingredient list but from the press release the company issued, the AZOX Macro Diet is made up of gutt-loaded zooplankton including nine types of copepods, two different rotifer strains, two different strains of brine shrimp nauplii, three different types of phytoplankton and a chemical, mechanical appetite stimulation ingredient. AZOX Macro Diet comes in a pump dispenser that should make feeding a cinch.

AZOX Macro Diet is a nutritious diet scientifically designed for the nutritional needs of both Photosynthetic and Non-Photosynthetic coral, Gorgonia, larval and planktivorous fish. AZOX Macro Coral diet is comprised of various size zooplankton gutt-loaded with phytoplankton and selected for their size, nutrition and attraction by coral. These small meaty particles are neutrally buoyant, packed with energy and ideal in aquariums with Non-Photosynthtic specimens such as gorgonia and tentacled corals. The product includes 9 types of copepod, two strains of rotifer, two strains of brine shrimp nauplii, 3 strains of phytoplankton and appetite stimulators. Packaged in a convenient pump dispenser the product is easily broadcast fed.//

Aqua-Tech Co. begins research into hygenic and beauty care products 8/11

Aqua-Tech has begun research in the use of antioxidant components contained within microalgae and macroalga. "A new horizon of human health lies within the seas most prolific organisms" says company representative. Utilizing organic materials and mediums Aqua-Tech Co. intends to research the infsusion of the most powerful antioxidants known, that lie inside the oceans fastest growing life forms. Extracts from micro and macro algaes can be infused into soaps, lotions and creme's. Antioxidants such as as astaxanthin have long been known for their probiotic characteristics and naturally occure in it's highest levels in microalgae.

Looking to improve health and life of humans and aquarium specimens naturally with compounds that naturally occure in the sea is an integral part of Aqua-Tech Co.'s mission. Delving into the realm of human supplimentation is a natural progression as a company that makes a difference.